About us

Integrum has since the start in 1990 helped hundreds of amputees to improve their quality of life

Integrum has since the start in 1990 been helping individuals with amputations towards an improved quality of life. A thorough experience in osseointegration has generated a system for bone-anchored prostheses – a beneficial alternative to the traditionally used socket prosthesis. Integrum is world leading in this area, with patients from all parts of the world treated in 12 clinical centers. Performing continuous research and development, Integrum aims at providing safe medical devices, supporting a more active life-style and improving quality of life. In order to meet individual needs, custom-made solutions are developed in close collaboration with scientists and clinicians. The OPRA Implant System has been used in over 400 surgeries since the start in 1990.

Our vision is to continuously lead the improvement of medical devices using evidence based development.

Our mission is to provide safe medical devices that will improve quality of life for individuals with amputations.