Training and Education

At Integrum, we are committed to ensuring the highest level of education and quality of knowledge among healthcare professionals working with the OPRA Implant System. We aim to provide healthcare professionals with the very best educational and information resources. Before starting to work with the OPRA Implant System, healthcare professionals need to be certified according to Integrum’s certification standards.

The Integrum
Certification Program

The Integrum certification program consists of two-days of training in which the healthcare professionals are introduced to the OPRA system and surgical procedure. Theoretical content is alternated with practical demonstration sessions with patients (e.g. lower limb prosthetics, gait analyses). Before becoming an OPRA certified surgeon, a number of surgeries need to be performed in wet labs or patient surgeries.

Do you want to become a certified OPRA surgeon?

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Integrum does also provide education and training sessions for CPOs and other healthcare professionals. A network with highly experienced CPOs has been established where professionals can share experiences and receive support.