Board of Directors

Rickard Brånemark – Chairman of the board

Born 1960. Assoc. Prof. Rickard Brånemark, MD (1987), PhD (1996), Gothenburg University (Gothenburg, Sweden), and MSc Engineering Physics (1987), Chalmers University of Technology

Dr Brånemark is the founder and owner of Integrum AB and was CEO between 1998-2015. He has pioneered studies of titanium implants to anchor limb prostheses for more than 20 years. He has carried out more than 200 such operations. As the most experienced surgeon in this field, Dr. Brånemark is internationally recognized and was, for example, awarded the Hanger Prize in 2007 for his contribution to amputation research. He is now visiting associate professor at the Orthopedic Oncology and the Orthotic and Prosthetic Centers at UCSF, San Francisco

Magnus Kristoferson – Board member

Born 1966. B.Sc. In Economics and business administration, Umeå University (Umeå, Sweden)

CEO Hedlund Group, a trading company based in Gothenburg with extensive operations, including company-owned factories in Asia. Magnus Kristoferson was previously CEO of Unfors RaySafe AB, a fast-growing, global medical technology company that was sold to the American company Danaher Corp in 2014. Magnus has extensive international experience and has worked as COO at Mercuri International Group and Senior Investment Director at Bure Equity AB.

Magnus René – board member

Born 1962. MSc in Electrical Engineering, Chalmers University of Technology (Gothenburg, Sweden)

Since 2001, Mr René has been the CEO of Arcam AB, a fast growing producer of additive manufacturing solutions for the production of metal components, such as 3D printers, valued at SEK 5,86 billion in a public cash offer from GE Aviation in 2016. His previous experience includes VP of Hogia (1999-2001) and VP of Micronic Laser Systems AB (1990-1999).

Lennart Ramberg – board member

Born 1960. PhD and M.Sc. in Physical Electronics, Chalmers University of Technology (Gothenburg, Sweden)

Mr Ramberg was CEO and co-founder of Altitun AB, a company that became the recognized leader in its field — tunable lasers for fiber-optic communication – and was sold to ADC Telecommunications for more than USD 900 million. He is now a member of various boards of directors, such as Hotel Pointe Isabelle (Chamonix, France), and he has authored several books.

Andrew Christensen - board member

Born 1974. B.Sc. Business development and marketing, University of Colorado (Boulder, United States)

Andy Christensen has been active in additive manufacturing since the mid-1990s with a focus on medical devices. From 2000 to 2014, he was the founder and CEO of Medical Modeling Inc., a medical technology 3D printing service provider based in Colorado. Medical Modeling Inc. was acquired in 2014 by 3D Systems. Andy left 3D Systems in 2015 and is nowadays a sought-after international lecturer and consultant related to 3D printing for medical applications.