Prosthetic components

Integrum provides a variety of prosthetic components required to connect the OPRA Implant System to external prostheses. The abutment is connected to the external prosthesis through different connection devices depending on the amputation level. The prosthetic components include attachment, alignment and load control functions designed to protect the implant from accidental loads.


The OPRA Axor attaches to the Abutment end that is outside of the skin and acts as a safety connection between the Abutment and the prosthesis. It is designed to prevent damage to the bone-anchored Fixture if it is overloaded. If an overload occurs, the Axor twists the prosthesis to protect the Fixture from damage.

New Features

The top part connecting the Axor to the Abutment consists of four conically shaped jaws clamping onto the edges of the Abutment. The jaws are tightened with a rotating grip managed by hand. A spring is further tightening the connection when exposed to repeated load while walking.

The sides and front are designed to provide access to adjustment screws of the connecting prosthetic components.

Secure connection to the OPRA Implant System

  • Secure walking  High stability of the Abutment connection
  • Easy Attachment  Possible to put on/take off without tooling
  • Load Control  Release function in bending/flexion and rotation – protecting the implant from high loads

New Patient Information Video

OPRA AXOR II – Patient Use and Cleaning Instructions

Additional components

In addition, Integrum has developed specific prosthetic components customized for additional indications levels, including components for upper arms and finger / thumb amputations. Read more about Integrum’s prosthetic components in our Product Catalogue.